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Why taking custody of your Bitcoin is important?

Because Bitcoin is the most scarce digital asset in the World, it represents a unit of value that is irreplaceable. The only true way to secure your Bitcoin is to do so inside your own Hardware wallet, keeping your seed-key safe, and making sure you have secondary plans for when you are gone. Bitcoin is a legacy-building wealth vehicle. We treasure it as such, and that’s why TakeCustody.com exists. 

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Bitcoin is a self-contained monetary system, a super rare digital asset, and a hedge against inflation. By learning to take custody of your bitcoin, you take full responsibility for the asset. 

The great news? It can be learned in an afternoon, and with practice you can teach others around you easily. 

  • Learn which hardware wallets work best for you.
  • Learn how to safely send and receive Bitcoin.
  • Learn which hurdles and new dangers you may encounter before, during, and after your custody event.
  • Take real control of your financial future today.


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What We Can Do For You

We are Bitcoin veterans working to improve the space by helping you enter it as safely and responsibly as possible. We are not financial advisors.

Our services are available to every client who joins during our initial launch period in March 2021. The cost includes every service for the first 100 clients. 

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Count on us to provide answers quickly during normal business hours using our live chat support.

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Clients receive a guided roadmap called Bitcoin Monthly containing up-to-date information.

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Get updates and warnings about possible future dangers with your hardware or software.

Security First

We want your Bitcoin to be safe, trust our guidance is guided by this belief first.

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